April 3, 2011

Cut yourself some slack.

Be gentle with yourself.

Grant yourself some grace.

For mercy, grace and love are freely given to you.



Here with you.

April 3, 2011

Just wanted you to know.


April 2, 2011

Love lifts us up, it doesn’t tear us down.

Love helps bring out the very best in us, not the very worst.

Love accepts us with all our flaws, it does not demand that we be perfect.

Love will strip us of all that imprisons us so we may be free, it will not keep us in prison with more.

Love will feed us with satisfying food, not leave us hungry.

Love will bring us hope, grace and mercy. Not guilt, criticism, and penalties.

Love will pardon us. Love will not condemn us.

Love will keep knocking on our door.

Love will guide us to our healing paths.

Love will come along side us in our journey, cheering us on and holding us close when we are weak and tired, telling us to rest, take a break and just be.

Love is the best of all things. It is the better part of each and everyone of us.

Love is what brings death to all things that stop us us from being who we truly are.